How It Work

How It Work

You are on this page after login

To become a member you must register and create an account by following simple signup process. And then login into your account.


Step 01

Select a plan

Click on the deposit menu. You are on the list of plans page. Click on the "Buy Plan" button to open each plan in detail. Each page will give you details such as how much your investments will earn you daily.

Step 02

Select Payment Method

Whichever plan you have chosen, click on the "Deposit" button and switch to the send payment page.

Step 03

Send Payment

Please copy and check the address correctly for sending BTC!   ATTENTION: After sending your payment for investment, click on the text - Bitcoin Wallet Deposits - under our QR code.

Step 04

Make Investment Notification

Update your investment to the page that opens.

For the popup that opens when you say Update. Add your username or wallet address registered in your profile as the transaction ID, SUBMIT. After checking the accuracy of your transaction, your investment is activated.